How can I use my red tab coins?


Every 1£ spent = 10 COINS.
That’s right! On every purchase, you will earn coins that will be added to your account.
You will be able to redeem exclusive vouchers on every purchase.
Please see below the number of coins and its corresponding voucher value:

500 coins
£5 Discount Voucher

1000 coins
£10 Discount Voucher

2000 coins
£20 Discount Voucher

2500 coins
£30 Discount Voucher


When you are logged in at and you are finished shopping, go to your ¨bag¨ in the upper right corner. In your bag you can select the number of coins you want to spend. The value of the selected voucher will be deducted from the purchase amount.

Coins can be earned and burned at and in all selected Levi’s® store.

If you return a purchase, the coins will be equally returned to your account when your return is received by Levi’s®.

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