Levi’s Blank Tab

Levi Strauss & Co. has successfully registered various Tab trademarks. These include the Tab with "Levi's®" written on it and the Tab without the "Levi's®" label, commonly referred to as the "blank" Tab.

The registration of the blank Tab serves a crucial purpose in protecting against imitations. Some individuals might use a tab on their products but alter the name, attempting to argue that it's not an imitation due to the name change. Our blank Tab trademark protects the shape of the Tab itself - regardless of what is written on it.

Maintaining a trademark necessitates consistent use. If a trademark remains unused for a period exceeding 5 years, there is a risk of someone filing a "cancellation action," resulting in the loss of protection. In essence, the trademark becomes open for public use.

To provide some context, approximately 10% of our products feature the blank Tab. This strategic placement involves mixing blank Tabs with other Tabs to diversify our product offerings.

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