Difference 501 vs. 501 '93 Menswear

This vintage-inspired is the newest addition to the 501® Family that’s true to the original ‘93. The fit has a slightly higher front so it sits at your waist. But just like the original, it has a fuller seat, waist and thigh—plus the signature straight leg, from knee to ankle. In other words, it's the throwback, fits-just-right jean you've always dreamed of finding at the thrift store. Yeah, you know the one. The 501 Original is our most authentic fit and the 501 ’93 is a new add to the 501 line up. Biggest difference between the 2 fits is that the 501 ’93 is looser in the seat and thigh vs the 501.On top the 501 ’93 targets the consumer that loves 90’s inspired styling.

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