How to Wash and Dry Your Denim

How to Wash Your Denim

At Levi’s®, we take pride in creating durable jeans that last long. But taking care of your denim is a shared responsibility. Washing and caring for your jeans correctly can help extend their lifespan. ou have three options for washing denim:

A Washing Machine
By Hand
Dry Cleaners
Dry cleaning is unnecessary, and handwashing is not the most convenient. Washing machines are convenient if you follow a few simple steps.

Turn your denim inside out to protect the color from fading.
Make sure the zipper is closed to maintain the shape.
Set the water temperature to cold to prevent the fabric from shrinking and the color from fading.
Choose a gentle or delicate cycle to avoid unnecessary stress.
Use a gentle detergent for darker colors, especially for dark blue or black washes.

How to Dry Your Denim

Dryers are the natural enemy of denim. Skip the dryer altogether to avoid clothing breaking down. Hang dry your denim or lay them flat. This method preserves the fit and helps you avoid possible shrinkage or fabric warping.

Pro tip: turn your denim inside out and hang them in a shady space away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and avoid soggy pockets.

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